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Haiti: Sad News

June 8, 2012
Yesterday, my family contacted me to say that my father had passed away.  Deciding to leave the group and return home to be with my family was difficult.  I leave the group in good hands with leaders  Rebeckah Johnston, Jay Hutchinson and the Méance family, Bertin and Jacques.  The Meance family has looked after our every need to make sure that we are comfortable, safe and ridiculously well fed every day.  Many wonderful transformations have already begun to take place within the group.  In a short time, we have made deep connections with the members of the community across language and cultural barriers.  We have impacted the community through our hard work mixing cement, shoveling sand, and hauling cinder blocks to work site.  You have heard that walls of the new latrine and showers for the kindergarten are beginning to take shape. The group has also bonded during our lively soccer matches that come together everyday before dinner.  The mood was light and excited in anticipation for the day’s events. I even got some video of them going off on the scavenger hunt to the local market (I will post the video here as soon as I can) to buy their groceries for the day.  I cannot wait to hear their stories when they return in four days.  Please email or call if you have any concerns ( or 302-690-1831.
P.S.  I arrived safely in Philadelphia Saturday, June 9 at 1:18 a.m. (17hrs later). Thanks to everyone for all of your help and support. I am very grateful.
Diahann Johnson
Chair Modern Languages
St. Andrew’s School
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