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Kruger National Park by Susannah Donoho

June 13, 2012

Since arriving in South Africa, I have been beyond speechless at the immense beauty of this country. Never before have I seen such a blue sky; it is so pure and endless. We’ve all found ourselves stopping and saying “wow” at the breath taking mountains and rolling hills in the distance.

It’s really hard to believe we’re actually here, and yet even through it’s been only 4 days it feels like weeks. Eager to rise and see the lions, we were up at 4:45, clad fully in sweatpants, fleeces, and wool hats. Fighting the urge to go back to sleep, we would try to focus on anything moving in the landscape. Once or twice we stopped for a log mistakenly though to be a lion’s “rump”.

We expected to only see a few animals, even though we really hoped to see all of the “big 5”. However, after leaving Kruger we are able to say we saw some pretty amazing things. We were even able to see a black rhino, nearly extinct and incredibly rare. I, who had never really seen an elephant before, can now say I’ve seen them eating, in a heard, traveling solo, and doing their business.

We can all agree that our time in Kruger was amazingly eye opening; we’re all very aware of a whole other world out there that before we couldn’t have even imagined. We look forward to more similar experience as we head to Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary.

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