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South Africa Update by Nick Mayo

June 15, 2012

After a 5:30 morning game-drive at Kruger, we packed our bags and rushed off to our next location, Enkosini. We started our supposed two-hour trek at 10:30. On our way, we saw a gigantic waterfall hidden behind a wall of luscious jungle. The cascading water was a deep clear blue. It was incredible. At every turn, South Africa’s beauty never ceases to impress us. As our watches neared six o’clock and the sun began to fall, our anticipation continued to rise. We had yet to arrive at Enkosini. Under the light of our headlamps, we found our beds after a quick dinner in the main house, waiting to see what the next day would bring. At 8:00, we were off on a walk to see the property.  We got to see cave drawings that were hundreds of years old as well as another waterfall. We then proceeded to look for “snare traps”, wire cable tied in to a loop knot. When it gets caught on an animal’s head, or leg, it tightens as the animal tries to escape. Poachers then come and kill the animals for its resources. Gladly, we didn’t find any. That afternoon included swimming and jumping into a freezing cold water hole and collecting firewood for the cold night ahead. Although we have only been in South Africa for 5 days it feels like weeks. Each day seems to be unbeatable until the next one comes. Today, we started a controlled burn. The rangers create patches of land in squares across the property to be able to set fires for clearing the land. All we had to do was control the fire from going across the roads at its side and push it to the extinguishing river. Simple enough, right? At times it was easy, but at others it was not. With the turn of the wind, the fire would jump to the other side of the road. With eyes watering and smoke everywhere, we used our Ghostbuster-esque water filled backpacks to douse the fire. Everyday we learn a little bit more about the hardships and beauty of game reserves as well as the hardships and beauty of South Africa. I could leave South Africa today and feel like I have had a trip of a lifetime. It’s only been 5 days and I cannot wait to see what the next 11 days hold.

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  1. Ellen Pomeroy permalink
    June 15, 2012 10:24 am

    These blog updates are terrific! Keep them coming!!

    • Bill Cashion permalink
      June 19, 2012 12:34 am

      Glad you are enjoying them! There are more coming!

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