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South Africa Update by Doug McLaurin

June 25, 2012

Our time working at the Mellon Housing Initiative was a great combination of hard work and helping those in need. Over four days we split into different groups and did an assortment of tasks on a total of seven houses to break ground for Mellon in this particular township. We dug trenches to a certain depth and width, leveled ground for cement to be poured on, moved sand and mixed it with a powder and water to make the cement for the walls and moved the blocks inside the foundation so we could assist in actually laying the block. All of this was really hard work, and seeing the professionals do it so much better than us really gave us an appreciation for how much time they have spent; but after taking a tour of the town we knew this cause was a noble one and everyone’s efforts were worth it. After seeing a diabetic and arthritic grandmother taking care of the three children of her murdered daughter for under $3,000 a year on government subsidy, who took so much pride and happiness in her seemingly unlivable shack and did the best with what she had, we knew giving her and everyone else in this community like her a house will make real changes possible.

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