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An Inspiring Faculty

September 13, 2013

Full Faculty 2Three teachers in three completely different disciplines received national recognition for their work this week. Dr. Harvey Johnson’s discovery of new formulations of therapeutic antibodies was published in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Joshua Meier’s latest exhibition was featured in the photography magazine Don’t Take Pictures. Five different reviews published Latin and Greek poetry translations from Chris Childers, including one in the United Kingdom. Chris also was named a finalist for the Ruth Lilly Fellowship for poetry.

In the past seven days we’ve been blessed to hear wisdom from John McGiff (who gave me a master class on his Convocation talk so I could write this), Tad Roach, who continues to ask us to not only notice, but prepare our hearts and minds for the complexities of the 21st Century (listen), and Will Speers who once again made us all appreciate our time here together (listen).

I cherish every opportunity to hear ideas and insights from Emily Pressman, thoughts on leadership from Seraphine Hamilton, and the measured advice from my original advisor, Lindsay Brown. I could go across the rows in the picture above and explain the many gifts of each faculty member.

The vast majority of space in these posts will highlight students, but given this week’s news, I needed to step back and thank my colleagues for all they do for students, each other, and me as well.

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