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Accessing “The Sacred”

May 9, 2014

In a Chapel talk today, Arts Department Co-Chair John McGiff touched on the notion of experiencing life and art in ways that transport us to a higher plane. It was a theme I’d been thinking about a lot this week after hearing Religious Studies teacher Nate Crimmins talk about his bike ride across America with the Environmental Science class. Nate described with yearning the many moments he witnessed the kind of beauty one would expect to see and feel by slowing down and traveling the country in the open air at a bike’s pace. He called it “The Sacred.”

There will be many moments to access “The Sacred” over the next three days as we welcome families to Arts Weekend. My office is in the O’Brien Arts Center so I’ve watched and listened to students and faculty practice, practice again, and practice some more as they prepare to be their absolute best. They have put in the work and it is a testament to the incredible arts faculty that 90% of current students are performing this weekend and 10% look forward to cheering them on.

Every year seems better than the last and I hope you parents soak it all in. Come to the performances and be a part of the experience. If you can’t, catch what you can on our livestream channel. There’s so much talent to see and hear, but there’s also joy, beauty, and a good chance you’ll feel what we hold sacred here at St. Andrew’s.

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