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Student Self-Assessment

September 21, 2014


I visited Avi Gold’s Dance 1 class last week, and was struck how often he asked his students to reflect about what they had just done – “How was that? Where was it difficult? What did you notice about that step, that movement? What did you see in the mirror as you put those moves together?”

As a faculty, we are constantly asking our students to reflect on the athletic field, in advisee conversations, in oral exhibitions; but I was struck how often right in the middle of class Avi let his students reflect and self-assess. I’m trying to ask students to reflect about my questions, their experience with a question or assignment, right as these are happening, rather than waiting for course evaluations or the end of a unit.

Are there challenges here to asking students to self-assess more? Has anyone discovered something unusual through such verbal self-assessments?

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